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We are over the moon with what you have found out about Albert, it is so very interesting and answers a lot of questions. I must thank you most sincerely, you have gone to so much trouble.  JH (London) Feb 2015

Thanks to Stephen at Find My Ancestor you were very helpful in sorting out the research I had done into my family tree. It was lovely that you helped by giving me ideas where to look next at no extra charge.  LH (Gosport) Nov 2014

I am glad I found you on the Internet as you were more than helpful in discovering who my ancestors were. I always though we were Irish descent until you proved otherwise. Never thought I would have Dutch ancestors even if one of them was a criminal.  ID (Wolverhampton)Sep 2014

Thank you for all your help in tracing my grandfathers history for me as we had no idea what he did in his early years as he would never talk about it.  MJ (Aberdare) Sept 2014

Absolutely delighted with the tree and narrative. I have spent hours pouring over the narrative fascinated by what my ancestors got up to. PR (Brighton) Apr 2014

I am absolutely delighted with what you have found and thank you for doing a fantastic job.  It is beyond my expectations as to what you have found. Won't hesitate to recommend you to friends.  BDL (Norfolk) Sep 2014

As expected my husband was surprised and delighted with the work you have done and the presentation was really nice and asks me to thank you on his behalf.  MH (North Wales) May 2015

Thanks for all of your help with this Steve, very much appreciated. Happy to say that our corrected family tree is a much more interesting read :-) WW1 duty/ death, met police officer, Irish constabulary. NF (Surrey) Jun 2015

Client Feedback

I must thank you for providing us with amazing facts about our ancestors which we will one day pass on to our children and grandchildren. DH (Wales) Feb 2016

Hi Steve just to let you know the tree arrived today, just right for his birthday next week. Thank you again for all that you have done with both the trees.  EJ (Eastleigh) Apr 2016

Thank you for your diligent research into the two Palmers. It is always constructive to know whether there is a link or not and it will mean that other aspects of my research can come into focus. MH (Norwich) May 2016

Fantastic job mate, Martin will be chuffed with this for his birthday present. MF (Surrey) Jun 2016