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Unlike most larger companies there is no charge for this initial consultation, no upfront fees or non refundable deposits. If you are happy with this initial research and wish me to continue further work on your tree I charge a very competitive rate of only £10.00 per hour. You are in control and have the ability to inform me of how many hours you would like me to work researching for you.

If you prefer to pay a fixed price rather than an hourly rate I offer Fixed Price Research Packages. During my research of your family line I will inform you on a regular basis of the progress made and also share any information I have found out.

Fixed Price Research Packages




Upon completion of the research the information is emailed to you for proof reading and accuracy check. This will include your family tree and a full family narrative. When you are happy that the information is correct you will be invoiced for the Fixed Price Research Package. Upon payment in full you will be sent the finished published report and framed family tree.


*   emailed pdf. file of narrative - Free
*   emailed pdf. file of tree - Free
*   CD copy of narrative and tree - £5 each (covers CD costs and includes P & P)
*   Extra copy of framed tree - £20 each (covers publishing costs and includes P &P)
*  Extra copy of framed tree and published report - £50 each (covers publishing         costs and includes P & P) making £5 saving

Extra copy of framed tree and published report - £50 each (covers publishing costs and includes P & P) making £5 saving


Please Note: Research of your family line will only cover direct ancestors, siblings of your direct ancestors are not covered. If you wish siblings to be added extra charges will have to be levied due to the amount of time this requires.