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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do you hold?

I am a professional researcher with many years of experience researching family trees and have a Doctorate in Victorian Working Class History (PhD). I am also a member of the following professional organisations;

Heir Hunters Association (HHA)

Association of Professional Genealogists (APG)

What Services do you provide?

I initially carry out a free genealogical search to ensure that your family line is traceable and to determine whether I can successfully provide further research services. This means your time and money isn't wasted searching for Genealogical Records that are unavailable. Once I am sure your tree is discoverable I will email to ascertain which service you require, the hourly rate or a Fixed Price Package.

What information do you need?

In order to help you I will need;  

mother / father birth date and place if known

mother / father death date and place if known

mother / father marriage date and place if known

mothers full name & maiden name if known

fathers full name if known

any grandparent information

Don't worry if you don't know these just give me whatever information you have got and I will try and help.  Also if any research has already been carried out please send me full details.

How far back can you go?

The capacity to look into a family tree relies on upon various factors such as the survival of records, the prevalence of a surname etc. However in the majority of cases it is conceivable to advance research back to at any date the early 1800's/late 1700’s. Unfortunately the further back you go the more troublesome it gets as records become scarcer.

How long does research take?

Depending on the type of research requested the timings will vary according to the availability of the records, but on average I can complete my research in three or four weeks, sooner if the records are immediately accessible. Upon completion of the research a narrative is written up of the information and a tree constructed. These are then emailed to you as a draft copy to proof read and advise of any changes before final print.

How accurate is the report?

Many researchers simply search the records on-line and create a picture of your family history from these. As a professional genealogical I do most of my research up at the National Archives and GRO in London, working direct from the records or by visiting registry offices, churches and graveyards near to where the ancestors lived. Unfortunately due to the "100 Year Rule", genealogists can only access Government and Census information up to 1911 in respect of Census and WW1 service records. However, a national survey record from 1939 has now become available allowing more accurate research.  

What is the completed report like?

The completed report consists of a professionally written narrative and a full family tree diagramI try to make my narrative come to life by explaining what daily life was like for your Ancestors, so it becomes more entertaining to read, rather than just a lot of facts.

How secure is my information?

I process personal information to enable me to provide family, local and historical research services. Any personal information you supply will always be processed in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and will only be used to deliver the services you have requested. Upon completion of the commission records are destroyed. I only use return email addresses to answer any email received. Such addresses are not used for any other purpose and are NEVER shared with outside parties. I am also registered with the Information Commissioners Office for the safe use of handling personal data.

How do I pay you?

On completion of the work you will be sent an Invoice and upon full payment, the completed report will be sent to you. I always send a draft out for checking and validation by the client and do not expect payment until you are satisfied with my work.

I can find a researcher that charges less than you, why should I choose you?

There is a wide variety in the amounts so-called professional genealogists charge but there is also a wide variety in the quality of service they provide. When you employ a Professional Genealogical Researcher you are assured of a quality service from a genealogist with both professional qualifications and professional accreditation.

If there any questions you have that are not covered please contact us using the form.

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